Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Civilians Written Test


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                 Civilians Written Test 

PAF Intelligence 

There Are Two Categories:

Verbal & Non Verbal 

Verbal Example

Non Verbal Example

Time Duration = 45 Mins

Totall Mcqs = 90

Totally Test In = English

Negative Marking = NO

Academic Portion = Not For Civilians Posts

Typing Test = Conduct Same Day When Your Written Test

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Fully Details Of Every Post:

Anti-Malaria Supervisor-I (BPS-07)

Q1. What is the age limit for PAF candidates?
Ans: The age limit for unusual young men varies by category.
 Q2. Any waiver and height of Induction as a public in PAF?
Answer: There is no limit to the height and salvation of Induction as a community in PAF with the exception of Civilian Driver.
 Q3. Can a foreigner who lives abroad apply?
Answer: Yes, he can apply through the Pakistani Ambassador.
 Q4. When can you apply for registration as a community?
Answers: Admission is provided, as and when required, to all major newspapers.
 Q5. To what extent does Dte HRI provide employment to citizens?
Ans: Dte for HRI provides services from BPS-03 to 15 different phases and BPS-I & II is delivered by DCP.
 Q6. What is the condition for admission as a Community Driver?
Ans: Induction Term as Civilian Driver is an Intermediate Pass and has a two-year HTV license with experience.
 Q7. What are the first tests for citizenship in PAF?
Senior Certificate and above degree categories
(a) Intelligence Test.
(b) Typing Assistant Test, Steno Typist, UDC, GSO-I, GSO-II & LDC.
(c) Final Discussion.
 In non-Senior Certificate categories
(a) Written, Useful Test and Interview with Drivers only.
(b) The only discussion of the AHQ Selection Board of other categories (Cook & Fire Fighter).
 Q8. Under what law is public action performed?
Ans: Social Inclusion was made under the Government Employment Act in 1979.
 Q9. What is the Medical Procedure for Citizens?
Ans: Medical is performed in the Base / Unit reporting.
 Q10. Are exemptions for maximum age limits granted?
Ans: No, exemptions are allowed for maximum / minimum age limits except for Ex-serviceman, Disability, Death during service cases and other categories as permitted by the Govt of Pakistan.
Q.1 What should I do if I want to change my institution?
Ans Write a request to the Director HRI, Air Headquarters, Peshawar for a change of facility.
 Q.3 How do I apply for a change of date of initial assessment?
Ans OC approach of I & SC affiliated with reasons for change of date.

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