Pak Navy Sailors Written Test


Pak Navy Sailors Written Test Join Pak Navy As Sailors For Males & Females Today I am Gona Show You Complete Selection Process of Pak Navy Sailors There Are Five Total Test of Sailors 1) Written, 2) Physical, 3) Interview & Medical, 4) Personality Test, 5) Final Medical Test. Pak Navy Sailors Written Test

Most Frequently Questions:

1) Which Is First Test Of Sailors___?

2) How To Prepare All Tests____?

3) Merit Criteria_____?

Lets Start!

We Will Discus About First Test:

When You Login In System you Will See First Intelligence Test 

Your Test Conduct On Pc Not on Written Paper!

Intelligence Test Have Two Categories 

1) Verbal 

2) Non Verbal

Total Mcqs = 75 Both Verbal + Non Verbal

Verbal Mcq e.g =Complete The Series 1……2…….3……..4_____?

                                a) 4             b)5    

                                c)6              d)8

Non Verbal Shapes & Diagram Types Mcqs Like This





  • Totally Test In English 
  • Time Duration 30 Minutes

When Candidates Pass Intelligence Test Then He She Will Be Proceed For Academic Test Otherwise Fail considered.

Academic Portion: 

Syllabus = English, Physics, Chemistry, & Math.

  • Mcqs Limit 50
  • Mcqs Come From 9th & 10th Class Subjects
  • Test Time Duration 30 Minutes
  • Paper On Pc
  • Totally Test In English.
  • Test Preparation Sources First Dogar Brothers Guide

Pak Navy Sailors Written Test

Second Source Notes In Pdf Price of RS.300 Contact # 03104292979 

First Test Finished Here. 

Next Physical Test Only For Male Candidates 

Physical Test:

1.6 Km Running In 8 Minutes

15 Push Ups in 2 minutes

15 Sit Ups In 2 Minutes

4 Chin Ups In 2 Minutes

Second Test Finished Here.

Next Interview & Initial Medical Test Both Tests are Conduct In Same Day.

Most Important Question Asked In interview From Both Gender.

Tell Me About Your Self_____?

What Are Your Goals For The Future_____?

Why Should We Hire You______?

Why Do You Want This Jobs_____?

Why are You Leaving or Have Left Your Job_____?

How Do You Evaluate Success_____?

Describe a Difficult Work Situation or Project and how you Overcome it____?

How Do You Handle Stress & Pressure_____?

What is your greatest weakness______?

What Is your greatest Strength_________?

Now We Will Discuss About Initial Medical Test For Both Genders.

1) Eyesight Checkup Condition 6/6 Without Glasses.

2) Height For Technical Post 5’4 

3) Height For Marine Post 5’6

4) Height For FMT Post 4’8

5) Chest Only For Males Candidates 31 With Expansion 32*1/2

6) Basic Review Overall Body 

Third Test Finished Here

Next Personality Test For Both Genders 

Personality Test Totally Based on your positivity 

Mcq Type paper taken on pc

Fourth Test Finished Here

Next and last test final medical

1) Eyesight

2) Knock Knee

3) Arms

4) Tattoos

5) Testicle

6) Blood Test

7) Urine Test

8) Flat Feet

9) ENT

10) Other Checking Are Included According To Department

Fivith & Last Test Finished Here

Pak Navy Sailors Written Test

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