ANF Anti Narcotics Force Past Papers

ANF Anti Narcotics Force Past Paper New Past Paper For Intermediate Level Preparation From Overall Pakistan Anti Narcotics Force Past Papers For New Multiple jobs for males & females on different scales ANF required well educated and talented candidates from overall across country. Candidates can read advertisement carefully and also read with her Eligibility Criteria means to say requirements is very important for every candidates because when candidate applicable on eligibility then He / She eligible for Anti Narcotic Force Test today i am gonna show you complete details on his page including complete apply process facilities and others requirements so let’s see.

ANF Intermediate Level Past Paper:

  1. Fathometer is used to measure______?
  2. Which of the Following has no skeleton at all____?
  3. State Bank Of Pakistan Was inaugurated on_____?
  4. 1 Gram of Gold is equal to how many milligram of gold___?
  5. What is the Capital of Brazil____?
  6. Harare is the Capital of___?
  7. Name of joe Biden’s Party is___?
  8. Name of the Current Federal Minister of ministry of Narcotics Control__?
  9. Which Blood Group is Called Universal Donor__?
  10. What is the Diameter of Earth__?
  11. The Headquarter of Asian Development Bank is Located at__?
  12. Akhori Dam is located in__?
  13. Which of the Following is looked Country___?
  14. Taklamakan Desert is located in____?
  15. Which of the following river crosses the equator twice__?
  16. Einstein Was Awarded Nobel Price For His Work___?
  17. NATO Stand For___?
  18. We get oil & gas from___?
  19. M-8 Motorway Commences From__?
  20. Name of the Present Naval Chief of Pakistan___?
  21. She Has been awaiting_____3 Hours?
  22. You Ought to abide ____the decision?
  23. who is incapable of being tired__?
  24. That which can not be believed___?
  25. Pic the Correct Word___?
  26. They will not call ____the meeting?
  27. The Culprit has been charged ___murder?
  28. He Attributed his failure in the examination ___tough  Paper?
  29. Although he is rich___ he very humble?
  30. He is not eligible___ this post?
  31. At the side of a joker in the circus he burst__ laughter?
  32. Grief__?
  33. Hue___?
  34. Cajole__?
  35. A Homonyms is a word that is said or Spelled as__?
  36. Choose the correct Sentence____?
  37. If you Had Spoken the Truth You___ Escaped Punishment?
  38. They Were Making Noise When the Teacher___ the Class
  39. “I” Sign is Known As___?
  40. AS You____ so shall you reap?
  41. Where Hazrat Essa Was Born___?
  42. In Which War (Gazwa) Hazrat Hamza (RA) Was Martyred___?
  43. First Mosque Constructed By Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)?
  44. How Many Name of Prophet Are Mentioned in Quran__?
  45. When Jihad Was Made obligatory___?
  46. In Which Surah Bismillah Has Been Mentioned Twice__?
  47. The Year of Sarrow (Aamal ul  Huzan) Was___?
  48. Abbasid Caliphate Started From___?
  49. Which of the Surah is Called the Zeenat of Quran___?
  50. When did the Last Revelation Came____?
  51. Which Sin Will Not be Forgiven by Allah___?
  52. When Was the First Jumma Prayer Offered___?
  53. How Many Takbeer’s are offered in Eid Prayers___?
  54. Safi Ullah is the title of___?
  55. Seif Respect to Human Kind is granded by___?
  56. Which of the Following is the biggest Islamic Country with respect to Population__?
  57. Where is the Biggest Glacier Situated in Islamic Country Countries___?
  58. When Orqanization of Islamic Conference (OIC) was Constituted___?
  59. How Much Part of Turkey Falls in Europe___?
  60. Where is the Headquarter of ASEAN___?
  61. When East India Company Established____?
  62. How Many Constitutions Have been So Far Promulgated in Pakistan___?
  63. When did Quad-e-Azam Present His 14 Points___?
  64. From Where did Allama Muhammad Iqbal obtain His Degree in PHD____?
  65. Who Has Given the Presidential Speech on 1930 at Allahabad___?
  66. Where Chudhary Rehmat Ali Was Buried in___?
  67. Who Is Head Of State According to Constitution of 1973___?
  68. Who Was the First President of Pakistan____?
  69. National Assembly of Pakistan Consist of ____Seats?
  70. Objective Resolution of Pakistan Was Passed in _____?
  71. Liaqat – Nehru Pact Was Signed in____?
  72. Name The movement Which Was Started With The Co-Operation of Hindus & Muslims__?
  73. RCD Was Established in___?
  74. When did Pakistan Become Member of WTO___?
  75. Who is the Head of Cabinet___?
  76. Where is the Secretariat of SAARC__?
  77. Where is Lake Saif ul Malook__?
  78. Nanga Parbat Peak is Located in ____?
  79. Total reserved seats for women in National Assembly Pakistan___?
  80. Old Name of Attock is___?
  81. How Many Regional Directorate are in ANF___?
  82. Headquarter of ANF is Situated in Which Province___?
  83. Constitution of ANF is Under___?
  84. ANF is _____Law Enforcement agency?
  85. Where is the ANF Academy___?
  86. BPS of Join Director in ANF is____?
  87. ANF was Raised in___?
  88. Ministry of Narcotics Control was established in___?
  89. What is the Rank of DG ANF__?
  90. How many Police Stations of ANF are operational in Pakistan__?
  91. ANF is Force of___?
  92. What is Summons?
  93. What do you understand by term Warrant___?
  94. Where is the Headquarter of UNODC Located___?
  95. Term of SHO Stand For____?
  96. Term AMLA Stands For___?
  97. FIR Stand For_?
  98. Who is the Current Secretary of Narcotics Control__?
  99. Golden Crescent is the Name Given to___?
  100. Mou Stands For___?

All of Above Questions are picked From Intermediate Level Past Paper this is Mcq type Paper For Further Options and Details Click on Click Here and Download Papers also With 4 options So that You Can Analyze Properly.

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