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Written Test Syllabus:

Total Two Parts 

Part 1 👇👇

English 20 Mcqs = English Vocabulary + English Grammer Usage + Sentence Structuring.

Part 2 👇👇

Current Affairs 16 Mcqs = National & International Level

General Knowledge + Everyday Science + General Awareness 16 Mcqs

Pak Studies + Islamic Studies 16 Mcqs 

Math 16 Mcqs = Percentage + Algebra + Ratios + Arithmetic Means

ASF Act 16 Mcqs = 1975 Act

Test Pattern:

100 Marks Paper

1 Mcq = 1 Mark

No Negative Marking

2 Hours Test Time

Test Medium = English

Test Type = Written 

Paper Type = Mcqs Only

Past Papers Mcqs 


We couldn’t open the new store as scheduled, due to lacking ____ _.
Interest rates

Three very _____ cats are owned by us.

You should just leave him alone, if your invitations are met with repeated ______ .

My brother ____ bought a laptop for his birthday last year.

On my way home, I stopped _____ a phone call.
For make
To make
For making

The kids had bread and butter for lunch, and so ____ .
Had i
Me too
Did i
I did

In this sentence which of the following is a count noun. Do you ever need to give a request?
A. you
B. ever
C. give
D. request
E. All of these
F. None of these

Do not be stressed in different situations, they will pass away sooner or later. Which one of the following is a non-count noun?
A. later
B. stressed
C. pass
D. situations
I. All of these
J. None of these

Which one of the following is a plural subjective pronoun in sentence “They will have a party all of their friends are invited.”
A. of
B. they
C. their
D. have
E. All of these
F. None of these

_______ Bruce reads in bed?
A. Sometimes
B. Never
C. Always
D. Seldom
E. None of These.

The cat jumped ____ her.
A. in
B. over
C. upon
D. None of These.

CNG burns not as much as efficiently than gasoline ________.
A. should burn
B. burn
C. burns
D. would burn
E. None of These

Chandler is looking at ________?
A. there
B. they
C. their
D. them
E. None of These.

Other 80 Marks Subjects Mcqs

U.S President who said that I am not a crook is ________

(A).  Ford

(B).  Clinton

(C).  Kenndy

(D).  Nixon

(E).  None of these

When the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking is celebrated?

(A).  26 June

(B).  10 April

(C).  24 June

(D).  25 july

(E).  None of these

Second biggest arms importer in World is __________

(A).  North Korea

(B).  Saudi Arabia

(C).  Pakistan

(D).  India

(E).  None of these

What is the Currency of Panama?

(A).  Balboa

(B).  Kina

(C).  Peso

(D).  New Sol

(E).  None of these

Who wrote Maktoobat e Imam Rabbani?

(A).  Mujaddid Alif Sani

(B).  Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

(C).  Allama Iqbal

(D).  Shah Waliullah

(E).  None of these

The administration of the ASF shall vest in……?
(A). Force Commander
(B). Federal Minister of Aviation
(C). Chairman PIA
(D). Director General
(E). None of these

According to Airport Security Force Act 1975, select the head of the Airports Security Force 

(A). Director General    

(B). Force Commander
(C). Army Chief
(D). Prime Minister
(E). None of these

What is meant by “Director General” according to the Airport Security Force Act 1975?
(A). ASF Assistant to Prime Minister
(B). Executive Director ASF
(C). Commander incharge ASF
(D). None of these
(E). None of these 

A member of ASF is considered as dismissed from the ASF, if he/she spent how many days (or more) in jail?
(A). 90
(B). 60
(C). 77
(D). 30
(E). None of these 

The head of Aviation Division is ________, According to ASF Act, 1975,?
(A). Defence Minister
(B). Aviation Minister
(C). Aviation Secretary
(D). Interior Minister
(E). None of these

The headquarter of Airports Security Force (ASF) is located in which city?
(A). Islamabad
(B). Rawalpindi
(C). Lahore
(D). Karachi
(E). None of these

When Airport Security Force Act 1975 came into effect, it repealed which of the following?
(A). Airport Police Act, 1975
(B). Airport Police Act, 1973
(C). Airports Security Force Ordinance, 1975
(D). None of these

The age of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) when He (SAW) went to Syria with Hazrat Abu-Talib________.

a) 24 years

b) 12 years

c) 15 years

d) 35 years

Year of sorrow___________?

a) 10th Nabvi

b) 7th Nabvi

c) 11th Nabvi

d) 13th Nabvi

Name the youngest son of Hazrat Adam (AS)?

a) Hazrat Shees

b) Hazrat Uzair

c)Hazrat Umar

d) Hazrat Idrees

In battle of badar how many Sahabah(RA) martyred?

a) 14

b) 17

c) 20

d) 11

1. What is the missing number in 2,3,5,7,11,_,17?
A. 9
B. 15
C. 13
D. None of these

What is the fraction of 5%?
A. 1/25
B. 1/20
C. 1/20
D. 1/30 

Express 10 Percent of 100?
A. 5
B. 3
C. 15
D. 10 

6+(5×42+3) is equal to?
A. 89
B. 98
C. 99
D. 100 

By simplify 2p – 3q – 4r + 6r – 2q + p?

A. 7p + 5r
B. 8q -5r
C. 3p – 5q + 2r
D. 10p + 3q – 5r

What is the answer to this expression 4[3s – 2(6s – 8)]?

A. 12s -16
B. 12s + 16
C. 12s + 16
D. None of these

What is meant by Prime Numbers?
  A. divided by any Number
  B. divided by Even Numbers
  C. divided by Number 1 & by itself Number
  D. divided by Odd Numbers

Who is known as the Father of Calculus?
  A. Isaac Newton
  B. Herodotus
  C. Aristotle
  D. Al-Khwarizmi

Preparation Guide:

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